These are handwritten notes in the Archives' possession. Elizabeth Reeves was a teacher at Staplehurst School.


Notes on Staplehurst by E.M Reeves

Written Records 1885-86

Church yard improved   plan made with site of each grave. Crosses or tablets according to wish of relatives – ground levelled and paths made of York flag and cement stones. Order given for 30 Crosses and 50 Tablets. Paths of Portland cement on E[ast] side of churchyard to cost 7-15s.

Jubilee Celebrations 1887

CommitteeDr Reyner Rev Rodwell (curate) W Hoare Esq Mrs Reyner Mrs Hoare Mr & Mrs Oyler Maj Usborne Mr Rum [?] Mr Reeves Mr Barling Mr Jull Mr Watson Mr Lodder Mr Shoobridge etc etc

Resolved A Public Dinner and Sports to be held. Dinner in Iden Park under canvas – date Mond, June 20th. Suggested something of a permanent nature also – e.g. a well – a bed in hospital – or blankets for the poor – a clock mentioned by Mr Hoare – & eventually this was decided – 119-6-0 being promised for the dinner and 71-13-0 for the clock. 10 for sports. Mr Webb of Spilsill offered some potatoes and milk and Mr Chapman promised 72 gallons of beer. Mr Hoare also gave beer.

Canvassers reported census of parish viz. 440 men 420 women and 685 children.

1400 lbs meat ordered – roast and boiled beef – veal – ham and mutton. Ladies com: submitted samples of plum pudding – highly approved. Decided not to have ginger beer.

Those unable to come through infirmity given tickets for 2 lbs meat and 2 lbs bread.

Mr Hoare offered to plant a yew tree in church yard.

Clock ordered from Thwaites and Reed through Mr Cole to show time on present dial and to strike the hours only – in addition to be so constructed that St Mary's Cambridge Quarter Chime can be added at any time thereafter – sum paid 76 - 10s.

Diamond Jubilee 1897

Subscribed 60 - 1 - 8
Band - Sports - Fireworks & tea
Hospital as side fund recd 8 - 19 - 0

Coronation of Ed VII 1902

Subscribed 43 - 7 - 7
Mugs given - fireworks - tea - sports
Hospital 2 - 2 - 0
poor of the Parish 3 - 5 - 4

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