1914 – 1918


23 August  Croydon. Saw flying at the aerodrome – wonderful.



3 Aug.       Mobilisation for war with Germany determined.

14 Aug.     With Miss Seligman [German national] to lawyers of Nationalisation. Lawyer not there.

27 Aug.     Folkestone, saw lots of French and Belgian refugees.

8 Sept.      Saw trains of recruits. Pledged as Special Constable for look out work.

16 Sept.    Had 4 hours Police duty on bridge 10-2pm.

5 Oct.       Tired. Belgian refugees Mons. & Madam De Coster from Louvain came to us. De Coster lost 
                 all by Germans at Louvain. Funny and interesting  making ourselves understood.

9 Oct.       Antwerp entered by Germans.

6 Nov.      Ploughing match. Took Belgians with me ... Belgians had service (Mass) in a Congregational 
                 schoolroom, 9 till 10.15.

23 Nov.    115 Reservists came in billeted here for defence purposes.

21 Dec.    Turkey came from Mrs Seligman [Iden Manor] 15 lb. Belgians with us. Refugees.



17 Ap.      Red lamp for rear of Bicycle: new orders.

10 July     Wilfrid [son settled in Canada] came for weekend from Lydd. In Canadian Army.



23 May     Mr Brooks [builder] gave me 2 models of Armstrong guns. Made from an old gun barrel  
                 I gave him years ago.

26 May     Prize Day at Council Schools – success. Marching of the girls simply splendid.

31 May     Great North Sea fight began [The Battle of Jutland].

25 Sept.    Zepps about at night, Tuesday morning. [Airships]

28 Sept.    In Church painting window blinds to make dark.

20 Dec.    Wilfrid (home from Front) shewed & explained Gas Masks.



7 Ap.        Saturday put clocks forward.

14 May     [Wilfrid in hospital at T W.]

19 May     News came at 4 that Geoff Nicholson was killed at Hounslow as result of Aeroplane 
                 accident – [to] Surrenden 4 times [his home].

24 May     Prep. for [Geoff Nicholson’s] funeral 2.40. Much people with her [his mother] – 
                40 Airmen from Houston present & lot of  folk –  Good service, but grave too small 
                 for the coffin, and the result was very uncomfortable ... 36 airmen tea’d in schoolroom ...

25 May     Zepps and Taubs over us [Zeppelins made at Main-Tauber district]. Bomb dropped 
                  near Stile Bridge. Much damage done at Folkestone.

27 June     Wilfrid over for Concert at Red X doing very well.

7 July         Big air raid in London.

13 Aug.     To Cranbrook re permit for Dover. Had Photo taken for permit.

24 Sept.    Air raids all the week. Hostile machine heard here at 8.30.



1 Jan.        Snow sweeping saw to lavatories in Church. Eye painful where struck lamppost in the 
                  dark last evening.

8 Jan.        Lesley Jull’s remains buried (killed in flying accident 3rd) – big military gathering – 
                 Firing & Last Post.

28 Jan       Air raid very bad at night. London visited twice ...

16 Feb.     Air raid at night...

23 Feb.     Had notice Wilfrid was wounded shrapnel in lower legs. Hope it is not serious.

25 Feb.     Letter from Wilfrid. Injuries slight.

24 June     News received that Charley Harris has been killed at the Front. Profound regrets.

29 June     A BIG DAY. ...Had news from Wilfrid’s comrade that the dear boy was killed on the 25th ...

30 June     Memorial service for Charles Harris & Wilfrid – Much people present (Wilfrid’s body 
                 not recovered but left in German lines).

4 Aug.      Good service. Parish Church full at the Unitd Service. I was permitted to pray extempore 
                 in the Church. Very fine service.

11 Nov.    Wonderful day. Armistice signed & Hostilities ceased at 11am .. 
                 Dismissed schools for holiday for the day.